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Lankan Hill Country

Lankan Hill Country On a mat a peon prays. Bus windows clatter. Almost onomatopoeia. On her lap a child lays. Deep set eyes fearful. Journey to find her son a cure. Dusty, proud a picker’s trade. Plastic sacks contrast. Bright … Continue reading

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Monsoon Endless rain. Endless rain. Voices strain drowned out, drops march as armies. Endless leaves, 400 greens of canopies. Trees Stand Straight, No flinch. Drenched. By endless rain. By David Bugg (2012)

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Twelve hour day

Twelve hour day Santa Claus is coming…to town Accompanies squawks from parakeets as…the sun…rises. Motionless unaware of sound, I am casually regarded. A grey monkey fist clenched munches on a leaf. We understand one another. And still the sun bakes … Continue reading

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Of Polonnaruwa and Midday Heat

Of Polonnaruwa and Midday Heat Troops of children breathe and learn, of cultures hewn from stone. Ancient peoples long removed, their ruins lacking throne. From sun-baked sandals Toes protrude, Or hardened soles meet Soil nude, Bare behinds from dwarves Cavorting, … Continue reading

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Philadelphia All that happens is smoke drifts like a magic carpet. Pale amber lights flicker to remind us they are working. Clouds, dull grey, pretend to care as part of a half hearted yet likeable sky. By David Bugg (2012)

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Photo Poem: “Departure Loungers”

“Departure Loungers” The purple flannel suit drew my eye, “shall I buy a coca cola?” American, of course, thought I, dry as brut, my throat’s relief, A man, alone, nursing Heineken from cans. A place of big spaces travellers wait … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Of American Countryside”

Of American Countryside Lands of contrast, rolling at will decked green, with vegetation Calming seas like maids, ironing smooth but smooth the sands of former lives and beaches, themselves embossed with joy, and current lives of certain dignity. Almost as … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “With Tropical Ease”

“With Tropical Ease” Salty lips soothed by a steady breeze that sweeps west to east. Tight salty flavour grains of sand between teeth, all passive crabs flutter by. Rumbles from the sea not a wave in sight lazy motors slowly. … Continue reading

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Trashed on cider by Jarvis Cocker (2005)

Not by me!!  By the great Pulp front man…the poem was placed in large steel letters on the side of a building in the Forge student village in Sheffield. Trashed on cider by Jarvis Cocker (2005) Within these walls the … Continue reading

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Poema con Foto: “A Despertarse”

A Despertarse de pie abajo del agua del río los hombros escondidos el sentido me dio a nacerme de nuevo sin decirte dios mío adentro para afuera muy lento y sencillo las olas faltaban las alas ni paraban a nível … Continue reading

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Shikoku Haiku

(Shikoku Haiku) The lights are moving More than time is passing by The living stand still. David Bugg (2003)

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Economy Class

They are fed into the machine, Grim-faced yet eager to be Sorted, by row, by class. A background hum…accompanied by Shuffles, wheezing, cough! mumble. mumble. Dry still and warm as a day baked car, Air is short and breath still … Continue reading

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My first attempt…’Mantra’

Buddhist Prayer & Meditation Mantra Nostrils flare, engulf sunken air – thick as paddy field mud, baked, feet, soothed, free to an open dragging breeze. Deep breath. Eyes close. Breath out – gently.  Air is fragile. Focus the mind On … Continue reading

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