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Economy Class

They are fed into the machine, Grim-faced yet eager to be Sorted, by row, by class. A background hum…accompanied by Shuffles, wheezing, cough! mumble. mumble. Dry still and warm as a day baked car, Air is short and breath still … Continue reading

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Baby Talk

Baby Talk What’s that? squeak, hum and blurb. Sounds like love, warm, moist as baby’s drool. Love oozes, via voice, noise, pitch. Shrieks a sure sign. Adults, grown fully, talk, baby talk. If babies could. (talk). by David Bugg (2010)

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My first attempt…’Mantra’

Buddhist Prayer & Meditation Mantra Nostrils flare, engulf sunken air – thick as paddy field mud, baked, feet, soothed, free to an open dragging breeze. Deep breath. Eyes close. Breath out – gently.  Air is fragile. Focus the mind On … Continue reading

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A new project: Photo – Poetry

This marks the start of a new project that I have been thinking about for around a year now.  I enjoy taking a photograph that tells a story; reveals an emotion or triggers your thinking. Over the years I have … Continue reading

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