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Dharma Bum

Dharma Bum Hum drum clunking run, on rails above a Dharma bum… leans on nostalgia to deepen the lightness welcomes true murkiness and fake city brightness. London’s litter hides, backward ebbing tides, a phantom gaggle glides, Mayan clocks tock on … Continue reading

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Ceylon Tea in Lanka

Ceylon Tea in Lanka Clink. Teacup and saucer embrace. Sip. Ages of etiquette drank, enjoyed, morning, day and night. By David Bugg (2012)

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Lankan Hill Country

Lankan Hill Country On a mat a peon prays. Bus windows clatter. Almost onomatopoeia. On her lap a child lays. Deep set eyes fearful. Journey to find her son a cure. Dusty, proud a picker’s trade. Plastic sacks contrast. Bright … Continue reading

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