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Font vs Text

Font vs Text The font needs text, like the adjective needs the noun. Points, dashes, they come and go. Pts, they cum + go By David Bugg (2012)

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Photo Poem: “What Zedong Said…”

What Zedong Said… Amateurs speak with broken prose, verse scrubbed clean of grime, and lines that end in perfect rhyme. Whilst students tend the teachers’ needs cut-backs bring families to their knees, a young girl’s biro ebbs and bleeds, black … Continue reading

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Rocket Set the rules Then pick and choose Who gets to Hop – skip – run – leap – jump kick things off. One to fire 5 to race Fastest pace Leaves 4 to chase Then 3 do battle First … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Pencil to Paper”

“Pencil to Paper” I put a question first to myself then to the page. Is it even worth writing down? Mindless plagerism, dropping of names, like Billy Collins, as Massive Attack whispered to Sunday pm sounds. Atmospheric beats stifled by … Continue reading

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Lincolnshire’s Poet Laureate writes Theddlethorpe verse

Just heard a real nice poem on Country Tracks, it’s by Joel Stickley and was inspired by a warning sign on Theddlethorpe beach… Untitled (Theddlethorpe) At Theddlethorpe, the sea goes out for miles and England falls away beneath your feet … Continue reading

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Trashed on cider by Jarvis Cocker (2005)

Not by me!!  By the great Pulp front man…the poem was placed in large steel letters on the side of a building in the Forge student village in Sheffield. Trashed on cider by Jarvis Cocker (2005) Within these walls the … Continue reading

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Coat by Vicki Feaver (1943-)

I have decided to add some poems I enjoy to this blog site to show you some real artists at work.  I hope it is clear enough that they are not by me! Here’s one I came across in 2010 … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: untitled

Roars of ‘encore’! And tremendous applause. The reverberation and Grand finale, friction between atmosphere and expression, between chord and string. Anxiety, excitation, passion or energy, moving or vibrational motion. Nature, art and science in unison. David Bugg (2001)  

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Poema con Foto: “A Despertarse”

A Despertarse de pie abajo del agua del río los hombros escondidos el sentido me dio a nacerme de nuevo sin decirte dios mío adentro para afuera muy lento y sencillo las olas faltaban las alas ni paraban a nível … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Sparse”

Sparse The gaping plain stretching near far and wide so free and so spacious omni-present by your side. Envy the beings who see us through their eye many routes, many means not the same though we might try. When day … Continue reading

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Baby Talk

Baby Talk What’s that? squeak, hum and blurb. Sounds like love, warm, moist as baby’s drool. Love oozes, via voice, noise, pitch. Shrieks a sure sign. Adults, grown fully, talk, baby talk. If babies could. (talk). by David Bugg (2010)

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My first attempt…’Mantra’

Buddhist Prayer & Meditation Mantra Nostrils flare, engulf sunken air – thick as paddy field mud, baked, feet, soothed, free to an open dragging breeze. Deep breath. Eyes close. Breath out – gently.  Air is fragile. Focus the mind On … Continue reading

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A new project: Photo – Poetry

This marks the start of a new project that I have been thinking about for around a year now.  I enjoy taking a photograph that tells a story; reveals an emotion or triggers your thinking. Over the years I have … Continue reading

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