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Photo Poem: “All I Can See”

All I Can See The tree tops and branches, from natural stems a recycling system torn bark as cuttings birds collecting this season’s home. A layer of green and white and pink, dead trees support the living, a site of … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Think of Everybody”

Think of Everybody Think of everyone, body you know, seen, heard imagine everybody. A grain of sand, a living desert for every body, soul imagine everybody. What you do now, they did then, make life, move, love, imagine everybody. By … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Poem to Night”

Poem to Night Melodies reach clouds, through chirps, and serenade gangs of stern blocks pretending to be rocks aged skins continue to soften, in a whirlpool, above as words whirl below piercing sweet wisps of pipe. The time for silence, … Continue reading

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“Das ist mir egal”

Das ist mir egal, dass dies mein Leben ist, weil das was ich nicht habe, hätte ich niemals vermißt. David Bugg (2000)   Poor effort on my behalf here as there are some poems of old that I struggle to … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: untitled

Roars of ‘encore’! And tremendous applause. The reverberation and Grand finale, friction between atmosphere and expression, between chord and string. Anxiety, excitation, passion or energy, moving or vibrational motion. Nature, art and science in unison. David Bugg (2001)  

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