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The Girl Looks

The Girl Looks The girl has the look, as if she knows she has it, she looks inward, wears a social shield, amor chinks pierced solely by well sharpened swords, from professional gamesmen. Else, the fool is fooled again? Perhaps. … Continue reading

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Dog Fur to Tick

Dog Fur to Tick I make you tick parasite life dog fur to tick. You feed off me I make you click A friendly flea dog fur to tick parasitic means for sharing worldly scenes within one hug. by David … Continue reading

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Likened to Mud

Likened to Mud I stick to mud You stick to me Lichen to tree Like sphagnum Clings upon A stone Set deep Into a bog. By David Bugg (2009)

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Coat by Vicki Feaver (1943-)

I have decided to add some poems I enjoy to this blog site to show you some real artists at work.  I hope it is clear enough that they are not by me! Here’s one I came across in 2010 … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “New”

New think of a feather how soft is your mind? the faintest of touches thoughts and body combined. A scratch with no scar feel love, don’t feel a thing such force within a bond stretched along a single string. David … Continue reading

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