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Monsoon Endless rain. Endless rain. Voices strain drowned out, drops march as armies. Endless leaves, 400 greens of canopies. Trees Stand Straight, No flinch. Drenched. By endless rain. By David Bugg (2012)

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Photo Poem: “On Entering The Woods”

On Entering The Woods On entering the woods, external noise is lessened and daylight settles for that shadowy compromise. On passing under the trees, the body’s genes tighten  and senses heighten to recall a wilder past. On leaving behind the … Continue reading

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Likened to Mud

Likened to Mud I stick to mud You stick to me Lichen to tree Like sphagnum Clings upon A stone Set deep Into a bog. By David Bugg (2009)

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Photo Poem: “Of American Countryside”

Of American Countryside Lands of contrast, rolling at will decked green, with vegetation Calming seas like maids, ironing smooth but smooth the sands of former lives and beaches, themselves embossed with joy, and current lives of certain dignity. Almost as … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “All I Can See”

All I Can See The tree tops and branches, from natural stems a recycling system torn bark as cuttings birds collecting this season’s home. A layer of green and white and pink, dead trees support the living, a site of … Continue reading

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Poema con Foto: “A Despertarse”

A Despertarse de pie abajo del agua del río los hombros escondidos el sentido me dio a nacerme de nuevo sin decirte dios mío adentro para afuera muy lento y sencillo las olas faltaban las alas ni paraban a nível … Continue reading

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Photo Poem: “Sparse”

Sparse The gaping plain stretching near far and wide so free and so spacious omni-present by your side. Envy the beings who see us through their eye many routes, many means not the same though we might try. When day … Continue reading

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