Economy Class

They are fed into the machine,

Grim-faced yet eager to be

Sorted, by row, by class.

A background hum…accompanied by

Shuffles, wheezing, cough!

mumble. mumble.

Dry still and warm as a day baked car,

Air is short and breath still shorter

Bumbling aides busy in routine

Signs of conforming youth, elegance

Betrayed by tight white visible lines.

“Please listen”, pay careful attention,

the machine is committed to safety

are the backs of heads committed?

Or too focussed on white lines?

A smooth ride starts with a jolt.

As trouser legs cling gently to basted skin,

Begins the safe travel, and rows of minds,

Rows and rows of minds busy themselves,

Switch off, scan texts, Zeitungen and novels of cat’s piss

–   keeping busy, busy, whilst

Trousers stick, ideas melt, occupied

minds keep busy.

by David Bugg (2009)

Aeroplane - Economy Class

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