Photo Poem: “Soul”

Stormy Emotions


When all is lost,

but to blame is clear,

bury thoughts deep beneath,

no need to shed a tear.

A warning is offered,

as many would agree,

things don’t always stay buried,

yet never become free.

Stay in reach of the surface,

if trouble brews again,

express the fears and sorrow,

confide in a true friend.

Some talk of massive forces,

think of a storm at sea,

such a soothing explanation,

finally letting nature be.

David Bugg (2000)

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One Response to Photo Poem: “Soul”

  1. Chris says:

    David, I really like the soul poem. I read it as, how hard it can be to say what you need to when you’re feeling powerful emotions (especially negative ones). Much easier at the time to keep quiet. But then it just piles up. Everyone needs a ‘safe person’ to sponge it up. I can’t make out the photo. Is it cloud or sea?

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